Teflon®, Silicone - EPDM rubber & Resistance wires

Frost - Heat resistant Teflon® & Silicone products and industrial plastics from stock.

        Teflon® and FEP products

  • Teflon® coated glass fabric
  • Teflon® foil
  • Teflon® baking sheet
  • Teflon® plate
  • Teflon® tube
  • Teflon® rod
  • FEP foil, film
  • A Teflon® foil virgin without glass fabric or Teflon® coated glass fabric,
    both available with adhesive layer.

        Large selection of silicone rubber products in FDA and commercial grade

  • Silicone rubber plate
  • Silicone rubber sheet
  • Silicone rubber foil
  • Silicone rubber tube
  • Silicone rubber cord
  • Silicone rubber sections
  • Reinforced silicone rubber sheet
  • Reinforced silicone rubber tube
  • Silicone ruber thermal curtain
  • One part silicone adhesive
  • Silicone sponge strips and cords
    Some of our silicone rubber products also available with adhesive backing.

  • EPDM foam rubber strips and 1000mm wide rolls.

  • Teflon® coated resistance wires.

Teflon®- Silicone rubber - Heat resistant plastics
Industrial Plastics
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